DevOps is an approach to operations. Every company, no matter how big it is, needs infrastructure automation, high availability, and stable architecture. We will simplify your infrastructure management, code deployment, automate software release processes, and monitor the software and infrastructure performance at once.

DevOps isn’t about automation, just as astronomy isn’t about telescopes

" Criss Little
At GetDevops, we offer a turnkey solution,
for as low as $99/month
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In a nutshell, it’s all about about being fast and efficient in developing your product, while GetDevops take care of the rest.

Package Standard
$1,188 year
$99 mo

Top-notch diagnosis and remediation

Proactive security
and performance monitoring

24/7/365 priority support via email, texts & calls

Log analysis and notifications management

Static code analysis and code coverage

Automated & reliable full server and database backups

Let’s get started!


Refund policy

We provide a non-obligation 30-day full money back guarantee. For more details please consult our Refund Policy.

Will my data be safe when we start working together?

We take privacy and data protection very seriously, and apply stringent processes around it. We will sign a Service License Agreement which will put your mind at ease.

How long does it take GetDevops to start working on my website?

Typically, the configuration process takes between 1 and 2 calendar weeks.